How Much Scaffolding Costs

Scaffolding Know How

Here is a chart of how much scaffolding costs in London

Scaffolding costs and hire prices depend on several factors and these factors are never the same, including the length of the job that sometimes can overrun by months not weeks alone, the type of construction work is another element to consider and the size of the scaffold required. You can hire scaffolding in London for a few hundred pounds per week. Expect to pay between  £400 for a house front to £3500 for a temporary roof for a loft conversion. For shorter projects, such as a day or two, scaffold hire will be charged by the hour. In these cases, expect to pay around £120 to £150 an hour to hire scaffolding for a day, however the day service is very difficult to find as most scaffolders tend to avoid the day job for some reason

Below is the average cost of different scaffolding jobs carried out in different London towns:

Scaffolding in Kensington

The above scaffold is 8 working platforms scaffold with dimensions 10 meters wide by 22 meters high to coping line in line with the roof.

Scaffold Cost to install and dismantle in completion is expected to be around £3500+vat with a hire period of 8 weeks included.

A typical temporary roof installed over a two story house, Ground and First floor for loft conversion purposes will cost £1500 to install, a further £800 for dismantling. The weekly hire is £120 per week, bringing the Total to £3740+vat for a period of 12 weeks hire included.


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