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If you are looking for Scaffolding companies, then our recommendation is to find one near you, you can simply type on Google Scaffolding companies near me or Local scaffolders near me. We also might have scaffolders near you, here is a list of scaffolding companies supplying and installing Commercial and Residential scaffolding service. All scaffolders are prequalified, and offer a safe scaffolding services, covering London and UK, Local Scaffolders are highly competitive and offer reasonable scaffolding cost

As well as helping consumers get better service, Scaffolders Board also helps good scaffolding companies stand out from the crowd and be recognized for providing fairly priced and safe scaffolding service.Connecting services since 2007.

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There are over 400 scaffolding companies based in London and surrounding alone.

There is a scaffolding company near you or a local scaffolders next to you, but how do you find them? Normally you will search for Scaffolding companies in London, or you might type scaffolding company near me, regardless of your search for Scaffolders in London, we have simplified the way for you to connect with local London based scaffolding company.

Residential Scaffolding companies are typically classed as a residential scaffolding company, two man band, they have the knowledge and experience to erect a small scaffold tower or access to the house front that does not require high level skills, this is what we class as Residential Scaffolders, or Residential Scaffolding Company. It’s handy to know which local Scaffolders usually show up quickly to emerging issues and erect scaffolding according to your requirements. We have over 100 residential only scaffolding companies on Scaffolders Board, find your local Scaffolders and invite them to quote your scaffolding cost. All Scaffolders should always inspect the scaffolding equipments to ensure that it is free of any faults or defects, especially scaffold boards as they will act as a walking platform. Also worth ensure that the company is reputable and that they are willing to give you a price estimate, or fixed quote before any work commences on site.

How to find a good scaffolding company in London? One that only costs what their quote?

Finding a good scaffolding company can be more challenging than you think, especially finding scaffolding companies in London!
Finding local Scaffolders however, is easier with Scaffolders Board! If you are looking to hire scaffolding in London than finding a local scaffolding company near you in North,West or South, East London is our recommendation.

Consider the following example, type Scaffolding Companies Near Me and you know why, a scaffolding company operating from South London will charge you more money for scaffolding cost, to install your scaffolding if it has to travel to North London to erect you scaffold.

Are they a good scaffolding company?

A Scaffolder is typically classed as a small scaffolding company in your town, two man band, they have the knowledge and experience to erect a small scaffold tower or access to the house front that does not require high level skills, It’s handy to know which local Scaffolders usually show up quickly to emerging issues and erect scaffolding according to your requirements. Find your local Scaffolders near you on Scaffolders Board, and invite them to quote your scaffolding cost.

Scaffold Safety

A Safe scaffolding company will always inspect the scaffolding equipments before scaffolding is hired, make sure you request this on quoted cost for residential and commercial scaffolding. To ensure that scaffolding it is free of any faults or defects, especially scaffolding erected in London areas with high volume of footpath and pedestrians as they will act as a walking platform. Also worth ensure that the scaffolding companies are reputable and that they are willing to give you a price estimate, or fixed quote before any work commences on site.

A Small Scaffold Company or Commercial Scaffolding Contractor?

Commercial scaffolding contractor handles things like design scaffolds, new build scaffold and large construction sites, as well as refurbishment scaffolding. They will act as a main scaffolding contractor and oversee the entire scaffolding requirements, design, and inspections on weekly bases, make changes to the scaffold for new construction projects, Scaffolders to handle different aspects of the scaffolding project. If you want to hire a scaffolding company for a large commercial project then hire a scaffolding company that is skilled on commercial projects, on the other side if you require residential scaffolding than a small scaffolder will be a good way in saving on scaffolding costs.

Questions Worth Asking a Scaffolding Company Before Hiring Scaffolding

Before you hire Scaffolders, establish the facts concerning their scaffolding company. Make sure your Scaffolders or the scaffolding company has the following:

  • Proof of being insured
  • At least five years in scaffolding business ( For Commercial Projects ) If an estimate was given over the phone, are they willing to commit to a fixed price
  • A list of previous clients to call for references
  • 2 years accounts disclosure for larger scaffolding projects.



Scaffolding Industry

Insight reports



Independent scaffolds are used for commercial and residential purposes. They are not specific to a certain type of building and they do not use that building as a means of support. This is because each ledge contacts the building in multiple places, keeping it stable while supporting itself the entire time.

What Is An Independent Scaffolding?

Independent scaffolds are the most commonly used types of scaffolding there is. Instead of tying into bricks, independent scaffolds are supported by an inside row of standards. Each row is then connected by ledgers that support the transverse transoms.

Independent scaffolds are erected away from the building, but are then attached to it at certain points. For example, the innermost row should be as close to the building as possible.Each row of standards come with a base plate and are fitted with diagonal braces for stability.

There should be a little distance between the …

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Every Scaffolding company dreams of accruing enough steady work to support their livelihood. Experienced business owners know that current clients can only sustain a company for so long even when you are using ScaffoldingCompanies.com

Advertising a Scaffolding Company 2020

In order for a scaffolding business to achieve success, it’s essential to make a habit of constantly attracting new customers. But, in the modern marketplace, what’s the best way for scaffolding companies to go about earning new business?Scaffolding companies can engage in an assortment of activities in their efforts to entice new customers. However, not all approaches are likely to have the same results for every scaffolder who attempts them. Rather, individual entrepreneurs must take it upon themselves to discover which marketing efforts will result in the biggest difference. But, if this is your first time running a scaffolding business, be aware of big portals who charge you thousa…

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Target Market

When you plan your business, it’s very important to think carefully about who your customers will be and how much existing competition there is.


Think about who will need to use your services. Much of your work is likely to come from other businesses in the construction industry.

Subcontract Work

Many construction projects will require some form of elevated access, both on the outside and possibly on the inside of the building or structure. Try approaching businesses such as general builders, roofers, civil engineers, painters and decorators and so on. Your aim is to make sure that as many businesses as possible in your area that require scaffolding on a regular basis, have your contact details, and a good reason for giving your business a try.

Think about other types of business that might regularly require scaffolding. For example, industrial contract cleaners often need high level access …

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Scaffolders Board was founded in 2000 with the simple vision, delivering better scaffolding services to our Greater London fellow’s, we have now expanded our Scaffolder’s platform to other UK areas such as West and East midlands, South East England. Whether you’re inquiring about scaffolding hire, or you need to talk to a scaffolding company for work in-progress property that requires scaffolding urgently, Scaffolders Board is essential to the functionality of it all. You can’t afford to hire less than exceptional qualified scaffolding service. With generations of scaffolding experience under our belts and  companies with an unrelenting drive to complete each job to the full satisfaction of our customers, the professionals at Scaffolders Board are the London Scaffolders you can count on for high-quality scaffolding services and pristine results!

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